La Bournais

Cycling In Brittany

Here at La Bournais, we are ideally situated close to 10 VTT (Mountain Bike) circuits, totalling around 200 km of trails.

Cycling in Brittany Cycling holidays in Brittany are a real pleasure, whether you are looking for all terrain trails, canalside ambles or road rides there are thousands of kilometers waiting for you!

We can provide pack lunches for you, and even arrange a pick up / drop off service for you.

Please contact us if you would like further information on cycle holidays in Brittany, an informal chat, or guidance on which books are available.

Here at La Bournais, we are ideally situated close to 10 VTT (Mountain Bike) circuits, totalling around 200 km of trails, and most circuits you are able to cycle to start right from our doorstep.

If you do not have, or want to bring, your own bikes we can arrange hire for you right from your Gite;

Bike Rental

We can arrange pack lunches to take with you, and can even offer a drop off / pick up service on request.

1/2 Day Day Week-end Week (6 days)

Here is a list of the VTT (mountain bike) routes around our area;

1. Circuit Of Lake Arguenon - Accessible from the gites

Get on your bike and prepare to quench your thirst on this journey around a the 11km around Lake Aguenon, to the North of Jugon-Les-Lacs. Combining many technical sections with the beauty of the landscape, this circuit is not to be missed. Level: Difficult

2. The Hautiers, Jugon-Les-Lacs - Accessible from the gites

This circuit consists largely of logging and small roads, a peculiarity of this route is the many possibilities to make. This route departs from the watersports center on the lakeside. Level: Family

This tour is aimed at beginners who wish to discover the joys of mountain biking . This 12km loop is accessible to all, and is particularly suited to families.

3. Tour Of The Lake

This circuit, on the shores of Lake Jugon, promises you beautiful climbs and descents.

This 19km loop offers great views of the lake, technical parts, good steep paths and good runs along the lake. Note! In hunting season, the circuit is regulated. Level: Hard

4. Circuit of Megrit

This quiet circuit offers a change of scenery. Departing from the church in Megrit, you will , en-route, find the cross of Solais, quarries, bread ovens, fountain and the Manor of Val Martel. Level: Easy

5. Circuit lake Lou - Dolo

This is a beautiful ride along Lake Jugon and Dolo Village, along this route you will discover the Manor Lou. Level: Family

6. Heritage Tour - Plenee Jugon

Visit Plenee Jugon where its paths that will lead you to the high Gouviard forest, where there is a beautiful view of the town.

Then head onto Bouquen, its Abbey and Forest through the valley Folletière, and the chapel of Saint-Mirel.

This journey aimed at the sports biker, given its technical aspects, and its high altitude, it ensures multitude of uphills and downhills. Level: Hard

7. The doors of Penthievre - Plestan

The circuit is currently under modification and updating. More information shortly

8. Deer Spotting! Tramain

This is an easy and relaxing ride for all the family. Lacquelle is a place for breeding deer, so keep a sharp eye, and your camera! for this fantastic ride. Level: Family

9. The Hunaudaye Forest - Pledeliac

For lovers of wooded trails and natural discovery, this course of 15 or 26 km, is accessible and without major difficulty, riders will admire the splendor of the castle of Hunaudaye.

If you remain silent, it is possible to observe deer in the state-owned forest Hunaudaye. En-route stop at the farm in the village of yesteryear Saint Espirit de Bois or Mansion Belouze to complement your day out. Level: Easy

10.The Banks of Arguenon - Pledeliac

Unlike the previous ride, this circuit is for serious bikers!

This 21km loop indulges in the pleasure of biking with technical part around the edges of Lake Arguenon. Acents and decents constitute the main menu of your journey with a return to the quiet forest of Hunaudaye and passing through the nautical base Tournemine. Level: Difficult